Partnership & Joint Ventures Agreements

Joint Ventures agreement basically amounts to a collaboration of resources and skills by two or more parties for a common object. It is important that foreseeable risks of combining of resources be considered prior to entering into an agreement by parties and therefore our partners assist our clients to weigh the benefits of a Joint Venture set against the possible risk.

We commonly advise our clients on the following areas:

  1. The structure of the Joint Venture (whether a partnership firm or a Company).
  2. How the Joint Venture setup will be funded.
  3. Who will run the Joint Venture and how important decisions will be made.
  4. How income will be divided between the Joint Venture partners.
  5. How assets and liabilities will be divided.
  6. In what circumstances the Joint Venture will end.  

Registration of Partnership Firm or Registration of Joint Venture Company, We can assist our clients in registration of Partnership Firm before the concerned registrar of Firms. It is important that our clients furnish the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Place or principle place of business of the firm.
  3. Names of any other places where the firm carries on business.
  4. Date when each partner joined the firm.
  5. Names in full and permanent addresses of the partners.
  6. Duration of the firm.

What we can do online for you?
Draft Partnership Agreements per Pakistani Laws.

How to engage us?

You can choose to have your documents emailed to you, or sent by first class post. We aim to prepare your documents by the end of the three working days, although in practice we normally start preparing your document within hours of receiving payment.