A child custody agreement is an extremely important document subsequent for divorce parenting. It is essential that the areas of concern are covered in the said agreement and therefore a child custody agreement needs a lot of consideration in drafting.

The key ingredients of a child custody agreement include:

  • Presidency including provisions for geographic moves etc. 
  • Access periods for each parent including holidays and other special events and occasions. 
  • Decision making and responsibilities regarding education, health and religion. 
  • financial responsibilities in the form of child support obligations.

Child Custody Agreements
Our aim is to prevent any shortcoming in the child custody agreement, to prevent. One of the major shortcomings of most child custody agreements is that they generally don’t take into account the changing needs of children. In fact, most child custody agreements are based on the ages and stage of development that children are at when the agreement is first drafted. Considering that children grow and mature, this does not make a lot of sense if a child is a toddler and the agreement is intended to be in place for the child until adulthood. The best child custody agreement is one that considers a child’s changing needs based on his or her stage of development.
Another shortcoming of child custody agreements is that they emphasize the parents’ needs and not the children’s. Although the divorce courts are guided by the “best interests” of children, judges and divorce attorneys who know little about child development are not in a position to guide parents’ decision making based on their children’s needs.
What we can do for you?

  • 1. Draft Child Custody Agreements per Pakistani Laws.
  • 2. Attestation of the Child Custody Agreement.
  • 3. Acknowledgement of Service of Divorce Deed.