If a Husband is seeking to give divorce to his wife or on the other hand if a wife is seeking to exercise her delegated right of divorce in her nikhanama, then Divorce papers are prepared by their Lawyers. If both parties agree to divorce each other then a mutual divorce deed is prepared, whereas it is commonly one sided.

A Divorce Deed is prepared wherein a brief history of marriage and child description is narrated, which is supplemented with terms and conditions of divorce if any. It is also mentioned that the amount of Haq Meher is returned by way of a cheque / Pay order and the same is tendered along with original Divorce Papers. The Divorce Deed is couriered to the recipient and it is ensured that the same is received.

A Copy of the Divorce Deed along with copy of the cheque and delivery receipt of the courier is submitted before the concerned union council which upon receiving application will issue notices to the parties for reconciliation. The Applicant can appoint their lawyer to appear on their behalf who will attend hearing for reconciliation. If reconciliation fails then the concerned union council issues divorce certificate.

We can provide following services:

  • Draft Divorce Deed as per Pakistani Laws.
  • Acknowledgement of Service of Divorce Deed.
  • Application to the Concerned Union Council for registration of Divorce Deed.
  • Representation before the Union Council for Confirmation of Divorce.
  • Obtaining Confirmation of registration of Divorce from the Union Council.